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In-house versus outsourced office Consulting

Bringing in an outside party can dissuade rumors between staff members of bias when the tasks are performed by external parties in a business manner. Consulting tasks are best weighed within the interdepartmental group dynamics to decide if they should be performed by an outside group or not.

A good combination of taking employee feedback and management strategic goals into consideration during evaluation will be resultant in greater gains no matter which method you finally decide upon. Employees that feel that they are heard are more likely to be warm to requests made of them even if their solution is not the one chosen.

These are only a few of the consulting requests that Medical Billing Specialists, LLC can perform for your practice. We would be glad to speak with you to set up a personalized list of goals for your practice.

  • » Onsite practice evaluation
  • » Recommend office flow solutions
  • » Improve interdepartmental communications
  • » Sharpen your intake Coordinator/Front Desk skills in order to obtain all critical demographic and insurance data necessary to increase timely cash flow
  • » Educate each of your team members on the importance of individual roles and how they impact each other's jobs
  • » Streamlining End of Day procedures
  • » Evaluate and assist with aged accounts forwarding those accounts to the collection agency of your choice
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