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  • MBSL takes medical billing and coding seriously. MBSL has individual staff members with over 30 years in the medical billing field. Our staff continually receives training to keep up with the constant changes. MBSL can suggest possible coding or documentation changes that can boost your revenue for services YOU ARE ALREADY doing.
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  • » Expert Insurance follow up
    *This is what each Payer calls this process*
    Aetna calls it "Par-ology"
    Americhoice calls it "RAPS"
    Cigna calls it "Enhanced"
    Coventry calls it "Lab Leakage"
    Evercare calls it "Enhanced"
    Presbyterian calls it "No voice/No choice"
  • MBSL staff realizes the importance of insurance follow up. It is this step that helps keep your insurance A/R in check. We make every effort to follow up on unpaid claims every 30 days after submission. Our staff is comfortable utilizing every available tool to check claim status (phone, online payer website, Availity, etc.). Knowing when to request a claim be sent for reprocessing. Example: If a claim is denied for OON (out of network and your office is not in-network for that payer, but the referring physician is in-network. Numerous policies allow certain provider claims to be processed in network, even when they are out of network, if the referring doctor is in-network and they have a claim on file that paid in-network. Situations like this one can be a big boost to your revenue.
  • » Patient website bill payment
  • Many clearing houses offer your patients the ability to make a payment directly on their website. The clearing house then notifies your office of any payments received. This is a HUGE convenience in the "online bill pay" period we live in. Everyone is busy and wants to save money (stamps and paper checks) and time. MBSL can help you choose a clearinghouse that offers this service and much, much more. Give MBSL a call and let us help you...and your patients.
  • » Customized reports
  • Our clients have been extremely pleased with the information we can supply through such reports. Most systems offer a variety of reporting options (some are more detailed than others). This helps us keep a close eye on:
  • * the Aging A/R (patient and insurance)
  • * Carrier Reimbursement reports (knowing who is paying you the quickest or slowest)
  • * Provider specific reports (such as productivity reports)
  • These are a few of the customized reports MBSL is accustomed to supplying our clients. We can also, if the system allows, run demographic reports. These are extremely helpful in your marketing strategies.
  • » Rural Health billing
  • » Ability to remotely access your system
  • » We encompass all practices from computerized to paper
  • » Lockbox services
  • MBSL staff is familiar with the lockbox process. A lockbox is a designated P O Box that all mailed payments (patient and insurance) is mailed to. This box number is set up to go directly to YOUR bank. Your bank will set your lockbox up for you. Even though some processes vary, generally speaking most of them work in the same general manner. Your payments go to YOUR bank. All incoming documents are scanned and all monies immediately deposited into YOUR account. The bank, via email, notifies you of that daily deposit. Your bank also emails a copy of the scanned items (remits and checks) to a designated staff member. This is usually the staff member who will post any incoming payments. This is a huge time saving step PLUS, your money is in the bank several days ahead of the normal "payment in the mail" method.
  • » Clean up projects
  • MBSL has been involved in many "clean up or A/R recovery" projects. Unfortunately, in the day and age we are in, we have more offices closing their doors due to financial or reimbursement issues. MBSL knows the importance of getting this process done as quickly as possible. Making calls, online inquires, appeals and resubmitting claims (when necessary) is only part of reducing the A/R until any balances remaining are ready for collections.
  • » A/R recovery
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