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Physician Credentialing

A delay in credentialing can cost a Provider tens of thousands of dollars

Each Payer has specific requirements when credentialing or re-credentialing a Provider. Being credentialed with a Payer/Insurance company triggers multiple advantages: IT GETS YOU THE OPTIMUM PAYMENT, it permits you access to a wider market share of patients and it allows your practice to be listed as a "participating" provider in the handout material given by most employers to their insured employees. This is huge because this listing includes the doctors that the patient/employee will choose from and therefore will insure that patient/employee will incur the least out of pocket expense. It is imperative that you have a SPECIALIST to fulfill your credentialing needs. Medical Billing Specialists, LLC has credentialing specialists on hand to assist you with this important task.

  • Medical Billing Specialists, LLC has a highly experienced staff that will complete your credentialing needs in a timely manner.
  • Each Payer has specific requirements and Medical Billing Specialists, LLC staff know the processes and will get you credentialed as expeditiously as possible.
  • The advantages of being credentialed with a Payer/Insurance company are:
    1. 1. Optimizing your payment rate
    2. 2. As a participant provider you have access to a wider patient market
    3. 3. Reduces your patient's out of pocket expenses
    4. 4. Contractual mandates of clean claims payment promises faster turnaround times for payment
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