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Rural Health Care (RHC) billing is a unique process. A billing company like Medical Billing Specialists, LLC (MBSL) who knows the rules of this specific type of medical billing can assist your practice in becoming financially successful.

RHC billing is a mixture of both professional and institutional billing. It is a complex process of knowing when and how to file a claim to Medicare "A" (institutional) or Medicare "B" (professional) as well as how to file Medicaid.

Medical Billing Specialists, LLC will get you the optimum payments you deserve for being a certified RHC clinic. We understand an RHC is a clinic certified to receive special Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. We realize the purpose of the RHC program is improving access to primary care in underserved rural areas. MBSL will observe all the regional rules that apply to RHC billing.

Medical Billing Specialists, LLC can offer you a variety of scheduling options. An RHC may see improved patient flow through the utilization of mid-level medical providers (NP, PA, CMAs) as well as more efficient clinic operations. The better your schedule flows the more patients your practice can see and the more income your practice will generate.

Medical Billing Specialists, LLC staff is compassionate when dealing with a diverse patient base. We are aware that the locations of these practices can be in a more financially challenged area and therefore different collection rules apply, when dealing with even the commercial and self pay patients.

Medical Billing Specialists, LLC will assist you in developing processes and keeping you abreast of any changes that can affect your cost report. Since the cost reports determine your per diem rate for the upcoming year it is important to have a competent, successful company like Medical Billing Specialists, LLC partner with you to do your specialty billing.

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"Medical Billing Specialists, LLC has staff that have worked with Rural Health clinics so they have first-hand knowledge of the complexities of Rural Health billing"

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