Medical Billing Specialists LLC.
Specialties & Work Experience

Medical Billing Specialists, LLC's staff have "PERSONAL, HANDS-ON" experience in these specialties:

º Bariatric Surgery
º Cardiology
º Dermatology
º DME (Durable Medical Equipment)
º Emergency Medicine
º ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat)
º Family Practice
º General Surgery
º Head & Neck
º Hematology
º Infectious Disease
º Infertility
º Infusion
º Integrative Care
º Internal Medicine
º Nephrology
º Neurosurgery
º Oncology
º Ophthalmology
º Orthopedic
º Pain Management
º Pathology
º Physical Therapy
º Plastic Surgery
º Psychiatry
º Radiology
º Rheumatology
º Toxicology
º Urology

Medical Billing Specialists, LLC's staff has "PERSONAL, HANDS-ON" WORK experience in the following areas:

» Medical Office Administrator
» HIPAA officer
» Experts in credentialing
» EMR transitions from paper to Electronic System
» Contract negotiator for multiple specialties
» Experts in online adjudication, precertification, eligibility, claims status inquiries and appeals
» Billing Manager
» Billing Auditor
» Experts in Timely Filing and Posting
» Multi system medical software support
» Aggressive follow up on outstanding claims
» High quality customer service
» Consulting on workflow processes and procedures
» Resource development
» (COB) Coordination of Benefits specialist
» Certified surgical technician & Medical assistant
» Coordination of processes between Physicians and Law Firms such as IME, Depositions and Workman's comp
» Patient balance collections

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