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Medical billing is an enormous part of medicine that most physicians are not comfortable with; therefore, they hire staff or an outside resource to optimize their collections. I started an adventure with a sideline business interpreting on-line peripheral arterial exams, created an LLC, and started billing. I made attempts at filing insurance claims and was overwhelmed with the denials and endless phone calls with no results. I found a medical biller, outside my state where I practice, and thought my issues would be solved. After 1.5 years of intermittent communications and no collections, I had built a large debt to the company who owns the software for interpreting the exams. I was met with empty promises and increasing debt.

I met with a representative from Medical Billing Specialist, LLC, Rachel Retherford, who was confident that her company could straighten out my billing and credentialing fiasco. After my first meeting, I was impressed with her knowledge, confidence and experience with medical billing. Her professionalism and honesty were very important to me. She developed a timeline and provided me with updates as to my credentialing, electronic billing and insurance claims (past and present).

Medical Billing Specialist solved my issues within three months and restored my confidence in being successful in building my business. The communication I share with Medical Billing Specialist is exactly what I needed to keep up with the billing, minimal effort on my behalf and maximum return. The service and value offered by Medical Billing Specialist, LLC comes with my highest recommendations and would be an asset to your team.


Ramon G. Halum, MD

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Medical Billing Specialists, LLC. Our company has been working specifically with Ms. Rachel Retherford since August 2010 regarding issues associated with our billing and claims. Ms. Retherford has had the utmost integrity to assist us in every aspect of our billing and claims process. She has been an asset to troubleshoot any problem and not only troubleshoot, but also offer wise counsel in resolving issues that we have faced. She has gone above and beyond, often taking care of issues that were easily resolved, exclusively from her nature to provide incredible customer service. She provides customer service with an immeasurable dedication to doing what is right. She has been a phenomenal addition to our healthcare team. I confidently recommend Medical Billing Specialists, LLC and Rachel Retherford for any healthcare practice.


Dr. Jon M. Strauss, Tammy M. Gross, ARNP, Cynthia D. Chadwell, ARNP

I wanted to personally thank you for the quality service rendered by Medical Billing Specialists LLC. with respect to certain receivable accounts being collected on our behalf. Over the course of the last few months, you and your team have persevered under very difficult circumstances to achieve maximum value and results. Keep up the good work and feel free to pass my compliments on to your staff.

Very truly yours,

John H. Goggins, VP

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